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Signs As of October 16, 2017, it is mandatory to present all the records signed in DOB NOW: Build. To install a sign, a building permit from the Department is required. Signs that are painted or have less than six square feet and are not illuminated do not require a permit. Electric permit If the sign requires an electrical connection; an electrical permit from the Department is required. The permit must be submitted by an authorized electrician and issued by the Electrical Division of the Department. Illuminated sign permit If the sign is illuminated, an annual illuminated sign permit may also be required. Illuminated sign permits must be renewed annually. Illuminated Sign Frequently Asked Questions The Housing Maintenance Code (contained in the New York City Administrative Code), the Multiple Housing Act, and the New York City Rules require signage to be placed on buildings, documents to be filed with HPD and notices to be provided by the owners. tenants. Below is a general description of some of these requirements. For more information about what is required, see the laws referenced and the New York City Rules. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice or a statement of the law. You may want to consult with a lawyer. Grant new occupants, once rented, a lease, a renewal of a lease or start of occupation, a form to find out if a child under the age of six will reside in the unit. The form, which must be provided in English and Spanish, can be found by clicking on the link below. The owners must also certify on this form that they have performed the work required to perform in vacant units before reoccupying it. In addition, owners must provide a brochure informing occupants about lead.