We're a family-owned and operated business, We Fabricate Construction Signage for NYC including but not limited to,  Scaffold wraps, Sidewalk bridge wraps, Sidewalk shed wraps, NYC D.O.B. Signs,  NYC D.E.P. Signs,  NYC Parks Dept Signs NYC H.P.D Signs. All our signs include a UV protective coating to protect against the elements.

In July 2013 the Mayor signed Local Law 47 of 2013. The law requires contractors and building owners to consolidate required construction signage and permits into a single new standard in order to provide information that is more useful to the public and minimize the visual clutter of signage at construction sites. pertaining to required signage detailing requirements for signs to be posted at construction or demolition sites. The new law requires that where a site is enclosed with a fence, a project information panel must be posted and remain as long as the fence is in place. On sites where a sidewalk shed is installed, a sidewalk shed parapet panel must be posted and remain as long as the shed is in place it also spells out the content, design, and location of project information panels and sidewalk shed parapet panels. Fence and sidewalk shed signs placed before July 1, 2013 are subject to separate regulations detailed under the new law.
 The new law regulates the placement of other signs required by law, directing that they be posted inside the site where only the workers can see them, unless the law requires them to be visible to the public.

Construction Signage nyc.

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