We Provide Requirements for all demolition signs for new construction and restoration construction sites in New York City. It is also required the construction of a new building / demolition of an existing structure to install the reduction of the need to erect a bridge such demolition signs are dependent of the height of the building that is being repaired. New York City a demolition sign is required when the construction work is more than 40 feet tall or 25 feet tall for demolition work and when there is a dangerous condition, regardless of height.  Independently   of the height of the building or the horizontal distance between the building and the sidewalk. Permission is required prior to the erection of a sidewalk shed or scaffold supported more than 40 feet tall. If the scaffolding is in it top of a shed sidewalk, the height of the scaffolding must include the height of the shed and is will take of it part top of the sidewalk. If the scaffolding supported is in a reverse or in the ceiling of a building.

Construction Signage Requirement for NYC. All our signs include a UV protective coating to protect against the elements.

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