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Shannon Johnson

Art Director


The graphic design, also known as communication design is the art and practice of planning and design ideas and experiences with visual and conceptual content. The shape of the media can be physical or virtual and can include image text or graphic forms. At Martin Media we have the highest quality graphic designers on board with ample experience in the field. Get in contact with us today to receive a free quote on whatever job

Steve Johnson

Creative Director

For more than 30 years, our firm has been delivering on our promise to provide unique designs that are both visually dynamic yet environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.


Our award-winning designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original designs to complete renovations, we have you covered. Take a look at our project gallery and experience the beauty of design.

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Creative Director

Olivia Henry

Project Manager

5000Sq ft of creativity